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TV Sponsorship / Idents | Wharf Media UK
TV Sponsorship

Studies show that TV sponsorship creates a strong emotional and physiological connection between the viewer and the company associated with the programme. By making your business visible in this way, you can increase audience loyalty and enhance your reputation and credibility.

One of the main advantages of promoting your business via TV sponsorship is that it’s a much more subtle way to reach out. By giving such a large target audience access to your brand without directly selling a specific product or service, you’re allowing them to identify with your organisation with a ‘soft sell’ approach, rather than direct advertising. Additionally, it can also be much more cost-effective when compared to buying airtime for traditional commercials and their associated production costs.

TV Idents
TV sponsorship involves the use of a moving brand logo or image, which is played during the introduction of a show. This logo is called an ‘ident’, and is an engaging, visual representation of your business. TV idents create a direct connection in the viewer’s psyche between your brand and a programme they enjoy – thereby creating a positive association to your company.

Here at Wharf, we can produce beautiful TV idents, designed with your audience and the TV programme in mind. We can also assist with the media buying process, helping you to get the best sponsorship slot possible. If you’d like to create a full TV commercial, our production team can help with that too!

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